Students seek to support peers

February 21, 2019

Aspiring peer counselors put their best foot forward this week, to prove they have what it takes to support their fellow students. The Peer Counseling program is a support program run by the school counselors at King’s Academy. Its main purpose is to equip a  selected group of sophomores, juniors and seniors with basic counseling and peer mediation skills in order for them to help other students. The peer counselors also raise awareness on wellbeing issues and promote key values such as altruism, empathy and acceptance.

The potential counselors began by attending one of three mini peer counselor workshops that took place throughout the week, before filling out application forms to be considered for one of around 30 peer counselor positions. Next, the students read or watched a variety of educational resources on topics including active listening, empathy, and ways to help teens build a sense of self-worth. Finally, one-on-one interviews with the school counselors will be held, after which the peer counselors will be selected.

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February 24, 2019