Chairman's Remarks at Commencement 2010

Your Majesty, Your Royal Highnesses, Your Excellencies, dear guests, parents, graduating seniors,

We have come full circle today. From a seed planted in the head of His Majesty King Abdullah II as he stood, just like you, at his own Commencement ceremony at Deerfield 30 years ago to this moment, in which we come together to celebrate the first fruit to emerge from that seed, the Class of 2010.

What better time to give thanks to all those who made this day possible, starting before all else with our leader and the inspiration behind this school, His Majesty King Abdullah II, board members past and present—of whom we have with us today Samir Rifai, Bassem Salem, George Faux, Peter Weinberg, David Pond and Haifa Najjar. Of course Founding Headmaster Eric Widmer and former Dean of the Faculty Dr. Meera Viswanathan. And last but most certainly not least, let us not forget all the unsung soldiers – the staff and particularly the faculty of King’s Academy, whose tireless efforts have led to this moment.

Your Majesty, in 2004 you laid the cornerstone for King’s Academy at a spot not too far from here. In 2007, we opened our doors and welcomed our first group of pioneering students. And today, in 2010, we gather here to say farewell to our first graduates.

Class of 2010, I know that you will make us proud. I know that you will carry with you the ethos and values that have been ingrained in you at King’s Academy, And I want you to remember the responsibility that you carry as the very first ambassadors of King’s Academy. And remember that your performance at university and in your future careers should always reflect your King’s Academy experience. I know that in the future people will look at you, your accomplishments and your achievements and they will say: “This was a King’s Academy student.”


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May 2, 2017