Residency Guidelines and Procedures (Upper School Only)

Guidelines and Procedures for Issuing Student Residency Permits

  1. Student passports should be valid for no less than eight months from the day of their arrival inJordan.
  2. In the case of students with duplicate passports, the same passport should be used each time to enter and depart Jordan.
  3. In the case of students who are Jordanian nationals, no residency permit is required provided that such students use their Jordanian passports for entering and departing the country.
  4. Students should bring their passports to the General Administration Office as soon as they arrive on campus.
  5. Students should ensure that their passports are stamped at the airport upon entry into Jordan.
  6. A visa is required upon arrival at the airport in Jordan for all nationalities except the specific countries listed below.* Nationals of these countries should obtain a Jordanian visa from the Embassy of Jordan in their home country.
  7. Students are not allowed to travel outside of Jordan during the residency process (unless absolutely necessary) to prevent delays in the process.
  8. Families should be aware that any official national holiday that falls during the residency process will delay the finalization of the process.
  9. Families should be aware that refusal to grant residency is a possibility, for a variety of reasons. 

* Nationals of the following countries should obtain Jordanian visas from their home country:

Afghanistan India Nepal
Albania Iran New Zealand
Angola Iraq Niger
Bangladesh Ivory Coast Nigeria
Burkina Faso Kenya Pakistan
Burundi Laos Papua New Guinea
Cambodia Liberia Philippines
Cameroon Libya Senegal
Central Africa Macedonia Sierra Leon
Chad Madagascar Somalia
Djibouti Mali Sri Lanka
Eritrea Mauritania Tanzania
Ethiopia Moldavia Togo
Gabon Mongolia Uganda
Gambia Morocco Uzbekistan
Ghana Mozambique Vietnam
Guinea Namibia Zambia

Procedures and Timeline

The below timeline details the process by which Jordanian residency permits are acquired and the steps that need to be followed by students during this time:

  1. King’s Academy will request and obtain approval for the granting of the residency permit from the Ministry of the Interior along with security clearance for each student. During this period 14-day period,* the Academy will arrange for students to have a mandated blood test, have their finger prints taken and receive a residency location stamp
  2. Following the completion of the above, residency cards will be issued within two days. 

* The above time periods are approximations, and may be delayed due to several factors beyond the control of King’s Academy.

The above guidelines and procedures apply to all nationalities except Palestinian. Palestinian students (those from the West Bank and Gaza) must have their residency procedures done directly by their parents according to ministry regulations.

Last updated
April 24, 2017