Medical Forms for New Students

Important note: All medications will be dispensed through the school physician at the Health Center on campus. If your child has a prescription medication or regularly takes any over-the-counter medications, those medications must be left at the Health Center during student orientation. Students will not be allowed to possess any medications in their rooms, unless authorized by the school physician.

Before filling out the electronic medical forms, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Health screening form: kindly print the health screening form, have a physician examine your child and fill out the form accordingly
  • Your child’s immunization details
  • Insurance application form if your child is a boarder (filled out in Arabic or English)
  • Insurance application form if your child is a day student and you choose to purchase insurance coverage through King’s Academy (filled out in Arabic or English)
  • Your child’s insurance card details if he/she is already covered (not needed for boarders since they need to have King’s insurance)

Note: You will not be able to save your progress prior to submitting your completed application online. Please make sure all documents are ready before you begin filling out the application.

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