Summer Reading Assignments

"What holy cities are to nomadic tribes - a symbol of race and a bond of union - great books are to the wandering souls of men: they are the Meccas of the mind."

~G.E. Woodberry

"Medicine for the soul."

~Inscription over the door of the Library at Thebes

Dear students,

Your teachers thank you for all your conscientious efforts to learn this year and congratulate you on all that you have achieved. You have examined concepts that shaped history, science and mathematics; you have considered the ideas that built and challenged empires. You have explored the ideas and shared the experiences of people who lived centuries ago in places you have never visited.

In order to prepare you for your studies next year, your teachers have compiled some activities for English, and Arabic, as well as for some of the AP subjects (only for juniors and seniors enrolled in AP Chemistry and/or AP Biology).  We ask that you click on the link (in the left menu) for each course that you are taking next year and complete the required assignments.

Warm regards,
The King’s Academy Faculty


Note: See items in left menu for summer reading assignments.

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August 18, 2016