Academics (Upper School Only)

Course Registration

In order to prepare for a strong start to their first year at King’s Academy, students need to fill out the online course registration form as soon as they receive it. Each newly enrolled student will receive an email with a detailed explanation of the course registration process which will be followed by the link to the online course registration form.

Students should choose their courses carefully. We strongly recommend that they carefully read the Course of Instruction, the King’s Academy graduation requirements accompanied by the curriculum plan, and the Tawjihi equivalence requirements. All the documents can be found on the King’s Academy website, with direct links below:

Course of Instruction: This comprehensive document, which contains detailed descriptions of each course offered by the various departments, also includes the King’s Academy mission statement and guiding principles, the graduation and Tawjihi equivalency requirements, and the attendance and academic honesty policies.

To get familiar with the courses offered by each department, please click here.

Summer Reading Assignments

Arabic and English
English and Arabic teachers at King’s Academy strongly recommend that students read books in Arabic and English over the summer. They have compiled lists of recommended titles to help students choose books. Note that this is not a graded assignment and teachers do not expect students to submit any work.

English titles

Arabic titles

AP Biology and AP Chemistry
Students enrolled in either AP Biology or AP Chemistry have specific summer assignments that they need to complete before the school starts in August.

AP Biology summer assignments

AP Chemistry summer assignments

King’s Academy Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a diploma from King’s Academy, a student must have fulfilled the graduation requirements with at least five equivalent year-long courses every year. Follow the link to get familiar with the graduation requirements.

For students entering King’s Academy in their sophomore, junior, or senior years, the graduation requirements are pro-rated and are listed in the curriculum plan.

Tawjihi Equivalency Requirements

Students intending to attend a Jordanian university or gain certain professional licenses in Jordan can obtain a certificate of Tawjihi equivalency in lieu of taking the national Tawjihi examination. Some Arab countries also require Tawjihi equivalency. To obtain equivalency, students must complete one of the six examination options by the time of their graduation. Please read more about it at Tawjihi Equivalency Requirements.

University Counseling

  • Students admitted in grade 10 should provide the UCO with an original, official 9th grade transcript.
  • Students admitted in grade 11 should provide the UCO with an original, official transcript for both 9th and 10th grades.
  • Students admitted in grade 12 should provide the UCO with an original, official transcript for grades 9, 10 and 11. Students admitted in grade 12 should also make an appointment with a university counselor to discuss arranging to have teacher recommendation letters, from their previous school, sent to the UCO.
  • All newly admitted grade 10, 11 and 12 grade students should make an appointment to meet with a university counselor in order to discuss course registration and future plans (this is in addition to meeting with Academic Affairs to choose your courses).
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August 1, 2018